Now the trend of using amber stones is more popular in Indonesia than the agate trend which is now no longer heard of.

Amber stones are not included in the mineral class. This stone comes from a prehistoric tree with the Latin name pine succinifera. These towering tall trees are found in the wilderness of mainland Europe and in the interior of Borneo.

In this stone, insects and ancient vertebrates are often found trapped and fossilized for a very long time, such as flies, ants, scorpions, spiders, and much more. You can buy Baltic Amber stone from to Baltic Proud

The type and age of animals in it will even determine the selling value of this stone on the market. The researchers say that the majority of the original amber stones on the market are now tens of millions of years old.

This stone is the result of deposits from sap that fall drop by drop until it gradually freezes and forms a rock.

This stone has been used as jewelry and medicinal ingredients from hundreds to thousands of years ago. Like in China and ancient Greece, where this stone was burned to extract oil and used as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce fever, to aromatherapy and fragrances.

This stone has a myriad of properties that are very useful for its users. Like removing the aura of charm and charisma for men and women, giving the sensation of relaxation, neutralizing negative moods, reducing nervous and thought tension, increasing immunity, and many other benefits.

To feel a series of potential properties, amber stones must stick directly to the user’s skin. So that special substances contained in these rocks are absorbed directly into the skin. Therefore, many people use this stone in the form of jewelry, especially necklaces.

It turns out that the trend of using amber is already very popular in the country. For example, like these celebrity mothers who believe that the use of amber necklaces is believed to have very good properties for their baby.

Like Chelsea Olivia artist from Indonesia, who felt that after this necklace was worn on her daughter, Natusha, she was no longer fussy when experiencing symptoms of teething like swollen gums. His appetite also returns to normal and more cheerful throughout the day.

The same thing was experienced by Ayu Diah Bing Slamet. His little baby named Dia Sekala Bumi, who was just about a month old ago, began to rarely fuss after wearing a necklace full of these properties.