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Our Mission:

To connect Recent Veterans with our Seasoned Veterans and the services of their local area.   For our Veteran and Families to know that 'they are not alone!.   We are dedicated to 'Eliminating Veteran Suicide in our Nation!'

Case for Action:

Without support a returning Veteran will withdraw from family, friends, community and life itself.  The support services currently offered to a Veteran are typically designed to help them survive tough times (very reactive). 

With our increased involvement in conflicts around the world the number of Veteran issues will only increase and their suicide rate will continue to rise.

Our focus is to be much more proactive and create a community that surrounds our returning heroes so that they not only survive...they thrive.

Call to Action:

Latest statistics imply that we could have a half a million returning Veterans needing our assistance.

This is a grass-roots effort calling:
    all Seasoned Veterans, in every city and town of our great nation, to get involved now!
    every non-veteran, family and friend to show your heart and get involved now!
    those with leadership skills to be trained as a Coach and assist now!
    every organization or business to partner with us on this great mission!
    and every Recent Veteran to connect with us in this community to know that "you are not alone!"

There are only 18 thousand towns in our nation and we only need one person in each to take the lead and connect with us to be like the pebble in the pond that causes a ripple of good things to happen.  

Are you that one person?  If so click here to Get Involved now!

Suicide Prevention:

Click here to watch VA ad Actor Gary Sinise Speaks Out on Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
              1-800-273-TALK (8255)     Veterans Press 1      24/7

  ** Above link also has online Live Chat with a crisis counselor 24/7 **

Homeless Veterans Program:

We have joined forces with the VA to end Veteran homelessness in five years.  Our volunteer Homeless Veteran Liaisons work with our homeless Veterans to get them connected to the VA and other service providers.

Homeless Veterans:
              1-877-4AID-VET (877-424-3838)     24/7

  ** Above link also has online Live Chat for Homeless Veterans **

Monthly Networking Sessions & Veteran Community Builder Events:

Our initial offering is to host networking sessions and events, in the communities near the Recent Veteran, to bring them together with Seasoned Veterans and the resources of the community, to provide a lifting and mentoring like environment.  This fun social gathering creates a lasting bond between the Recent Veteran and the Seasoned Veteran as well as their local community its organizations and its service providers.  In our monthly networking sessions Veterans and Family Members that want mentoring are connected with a Coach.

Event Photos
Doing Interview Exercise All Eras and All Branches
Discussion on what is important in their lives Reflecting on what they have in common

Note: more photos are available at

Upcoming Events:

Please visit our Events page for our upcoming networking sessions, community builder events, or fund raisers.

Recent Events:

Please visit our Facebook page for photos of our recent events.

Nominate a location: Click to E-mail
Coordinate another event: Click to E-mail
Provide testimony: Click to E-mail

Coaching Program:

For anyone wanting a higher level of involvement we offer our Coaching Program.   Our coaches are made up of men and woman who are either past duty Veterans or family members who have been there and done that.  They are trained to be dedicated listeners to hear what is needed most by the Veteran or Family Member that has requested a coach.  Our coaches then provide the connection into the support services offered by their local community, county, state and federal programs.  Our coaches act as a partner to verify that the appropriate actions are taken and results are obtained.  The coach's main mission is that of a connector and to ensure that the Veteran or Family Member knows 'that they are not alone!'
Veteran's Communications Platform:

We are gathering ideas on our huge offering that uses all of the greatest Internet Technologies to create community unlike anything seen before. This solution will provide the following benefits; 1) connect the active duty Veteran with their family and friends while away, 2) connect the returning Veteran with their peers after leaving the military, 3) connect the returning Veteran to other Veterans in their local towns, 4) connect the returning Veteran to the support/jobs/services of their local town.
Submit your needs/wants/ideas: Click to E-mail

How You Can Get Involved:
  Spread the Word

Donations are needed:

As a non-profit we accept all donations and appreciate your assistance.  Your donation will be used to create the structure offering a safe place for our Veterans to share.  It also funds the expenses incurred by our Coaches as they assist our Veterans and their families.

Coming Soon


Note: if the email links on our site do not work with your email client than manually send an email to with a subject like you see near the link.


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